Be The Light
Event Alternatives

Candle-Lit Lunch vigil

If you are a smaller school or institution and your administration is willing to make accommodations, this idea is a great way to be more intimate with your audience and really open their eyes to how much suicide can take a toll on the community. For communities who have suffered a loss from suicide, honor the individual with a vigil. 

Influence Board

A board for students and faculty to sign is a great way to create a visual representation of the vast effects of suicide. Using colored "My name is..." name tags or markers, have participants write the name of someone they know on the poster.


Use the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention color guide: 

White - Lost a Child 
Red - Lost a Spouse or Partner 
Gold - Lost a Parent 
Orange - Lost a Sibling 
Purple - Lost a Relative or Friend 
Silver - Lost First Responder / Military
Green - Struggled Personally
Blue - Support the Cause
Teal - Friends and Family of Someone Who Struggles