Helping Hands

Get Involved


Here are the basic steps of how to start a Be The Light event in your own community.

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Gather Student Support

Support from fellow students or clubs will provide you with a volunteer base and connect you with people who will spread the word about the event. Clubs can also use this as a fundraising opportunity: create and sell Be The Light t-shirts at/leading up to the event.

Get an Advisor

The first step is crucial to your journey. You need to find a school administrator or staff member to help you navigate the school's policies and guidelines, such as a school guidance counselor. This advisor will help you inform the school of the Be The Light mission and how the Event can best fit your school.

Contact School Administration

Meet with your advisor and schedule a date to get the Be The Light Event approved by the school administration. 

Engage Your Community

Make sure to get in touch with all groups that are participating and get them involved. For example, if your event is at a football game, get the football team, dance team, and band involved.