Glow Supply

This is an essential element of the event. Take time to budget your expenses and have enough supply for every participant.  Teal and Purple glow necklaces, glow sticks, and glow bracelets were purchased from an online vendor in bulk. The more, the better for these glow sticks.

Awareness Ribbons

This helps get school-wide participation. National suicide prevention colors are teal and purple. We purchased enough of each color to make one ribbon for each faculty member, dancer, cheerleader, musician, and ROTC members.

Flyers and Posters

Advertising is essential to getting the word out. Make enough flyers to canvass the school and include all details of the event. We used posters to advertise the glow stick station at the actual event. On the posters were also suicide statistics and the suicide hotline number. Notice that these posters are soaking wet! Plan for bad weather and waterproof your posters.


Halftime Speech

Our founder delivered this short speech from the press box at the event to explain the Be The Light mission: to encourage others to Be the Light in someone else's darkness.


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